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Peace On Your Wings Los Angeles debut

Posted by Andrea Boccaletti on

The Ohana Arts Group opened their play 'Peace On Yours Wings' at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center on September 18th to a large crowd including people from all backgrounds and several school groups. This play was written by Jenny Taira and Laurie Rubin and is inspired by the life and tragic death of Sadako Sasaki, a 12 year old Japanese girl who died of radiation exposure from the nuclear bomb blast in Hiroshima. Sadako represents many innocent victims of war who would also die from this radiation exposure. 

The group of kids from the Ohana Arts Group and from several schools in Hawaii who make up the cast put a lot of heart and soul into this musical production and are very talented. The all youth cast take us on a journey of friendship, heartache, trust, loyalty and love as they go through the trials and tribulations of adolescent life while experiencing the loss of a dear friend. However, the children manage to come together, put their differences aside and spread the message of peace around the world.

I strongly urge you to see this play and to take your kids if you have them, tickets can be purchased for Saturday, September 19th matinee and evening performances at 

One <3 Love

Incredible human principles to live by for a beautiful world!

No matter what you believe in and if religious or atheist these are beautiful fundamental principles. :)))Love them all and we especially love numbers 2,7 and 10!!

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Happy Birthday Mahatma Ghandi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GHANDI and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE!!!!! What an incredible man who changed a nation with his non-violent protests. More nations need to follow this example and we stand in solidarity with the students of Hong Kong and their wishes to have democratically held elections with candidates who are not only pro-China!#occupycentral #hongkong [...]

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We Are All One With The Planet

The time to do something is always now and we cannot keep kicking this problem down the road, it's just not the right thing to do and it will bite us in the @$$. Bravo to the Rockefeller family and others for the huge $50 Billion Dollar divestment in fossil fuels :)))) We Are All [...]

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International Peace Day Sunday, September 21st

Please join us in this Global Day Of Peace Meditation so we can manifest this in our World. There will be 100's of thousands meditating at the same time and there is science which proves that when thousands meditate on something at the same time that molecules can be moved and change initiated. :)))) You [...]

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Welcome To One Love Unified's New Home

Take a look around, check out our new designs & styles available for purchase now.  We're still updating the site frequently and we'd love to hear any suggestions or feedback - after all we want this to be your home, too. Enjoy the shirts like we know you'll do and please spread the word and [...]

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